Dizziness, posture instability, poor balance, vertigo, and nausea are all common chief complaints in clinical practice. Many times these symptoms are the consequence of disease, dysfunction, or maladaptation of the peripheral vestibular system. This course provides a detailed review of the vestibular canals and otolithic system, as well as in-depth examination skills and flow charts to help you differentially diagnose and provide supportive therapy. The goal of the course is to provide clinicians with a step-by-step examination and treatment protocol they can use in their office immediately.

Peripheral Vestibular Disorder and Cerebellum Disorders with Applications – 15 hours

  1. Review of peripheral vestibular neurophysiology and anatomy
  2. Differential diagnosis of peripheral vestibulopathy
  3. Treatment Applications for peripheral vestibulopathy
  4. Case studies and workshop

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