Courses taught by Drs. Kharrazian and Brock can be attended via online learning only.

FNS Monthly Subscription (All Access)

After registering for our monthly subscription, you will have access to all videos and course materials for Modules 1-10 (150 hours of educational material). Educational rules vary state to state, and CE credits for DC state licenses and ACNB are available according to blue button on the homepage.

Instant Online Learning

  • All Access Subscription – $150.00 per month as outlined on the registration page (no student discounts)

Each of the modules can be attended independently of one another. You can choose specific modules of interest or attend the entire program. However, they should be attended in succession.

Registration for each module includes ongoing access to case discussions on a private Facebook group. Access to the private Facebook group will only be provided to registered attendees. Numerous cases and concepts to ingrain concepts from the module will be presented, in addition to preparation for the next module. You will be invited to the private Facebook group once registration is complete.

Access Notes

Access to FNS courses and course credit is available to any licensed healthcare practitioner. You must submit a digital copy of your current license HERE. If your country’s rules regarding degree and license differ from USA standards, please note that in your communication with us.

You should take all exams in a timely manner in order to get the appropriate credit (if required) from NUHS. Completing the exams within 30 days of your registration for each module is recommended. Extensions are possible at the discretion of FNS and NUHS, but you must notify FNS when you have completed the course HERE.

For all registrants, IAFNR has no deadline for the exams, but waiting too long may delay credit.