Courses taught by Drs. Kharrazian and Brock can be attended via online learning only (video replays).

FNS Registration information for students

  • Students wishing to receive credit hours (when available) must register and pay the registration fee of $300 for IAFNR members and $500 for non-members.
  • Student subscribers will have access to the course material and video recordings for two-years.
  • New graduates, licensed practitioners, or practitioners going back to school for other professional degrees are not eligible for student registration discounts.
  • To receive the IAFNR discount, the student must be a member in good standing of IAFNR at the time of registration and that membership must be active during the entire course attended.

Instant Online Learning Subscription (Replays)

  • IAFNR members – $795.00 per module
  • Non-IAFNR members – $995.00 per module
  • IAFNR Student members – $300.00 per module
  • Non-IAFNR Student members – $500.00 per module

Members of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) receive steep discounts. 

Each of the modules can be attended independently of one another. You can choose specific modules of interest or attend the entire program. However, they should be attended in succession.

Registration for each module includes ongoing access to case discussions on a private Facebook group. Access to the private Facebook group will only be provided to registered attendees. Numerous cases and concepts to ingrain concepts from the module will be presented, in addition to preparation for the next module. You will be invited to the private Facebook group once registration is complete.

Access Notes

For registrants of the original Live and Live Streaming presentation, you have two-year access to all materials from the date of the original live presentation. You have 30 days from the date of the live presentation to pass the exams for educational credits at the discretion of NUHS. Extensions are possible at the discretion of FNS and NUHS, but you must notify FNS when you have completed the course HERE.

Subscribers to online learning (replays) will have two-year access to all materials from the date of registration. You have 30 days from the date of your registration to pass the exams for educational credits (when available) at the discretion of NUHS. Extensions are possible at the discretion of FNS and NUHS, but you must notify FNS when you have completed the course HERE.

Students have a one-year grace period from date of graduation (first degree only) to attend FNS modules at student prices.  All students receiving student rates for the FNS modules must email a digital copy of current student ID to us HERE. If you graduated and wish to enroll at the student rate until the end of your grace period, you must contact us HERE and provide a copy of your diploma with date shown.

For all registrants, IAFNR has no deadline for the exams, but waiting too long may delay credit.

Educational rules vary state to state, see HERE.