Course Structure and Format

  1. CLICK HERE for course notes and research articles in electronic format prior to taking the online course. Additional support is available at the Members Only Functional Neurology Seminars Facebook group (not to be confused with the general FNS page that is open to anyone.) You will need to request to join this Facebook group with the link we provide you after registration. You will be added to the group once your course registration has been verified.
  1. The course can be attended via online replays only. State continuing education credits (when available) for replays vary depending on the state. Please email us for verification HERE.
  1. You will have the opportunity to discuss class material on the private Facebook group. This group is a place to questions answered and to continue expanding your knowledge of the course material.

Post-Course Examination

  1. After watching all of the videos and studying the course material, subscribers may complete the online exams at the buttons provided.
  1. All module exams are required for those wanting to earn the FNS Certificate of Completion and to be able to sit for the IBFN Fellowship examination. All states require exams for licensure requirements (when available) for DCs in the United States taking the online courses via replays. Details on the states approved for educational credits is located HERE.
  1. The test is online and open book.
  1. A grade of 70% is required to pass the test. You will only have two attempts to pass each exam.

Note: If you pass both exams and receive a certificate of completion but do not complete online attendance as monitored by our website, you will be reported to the accrediting organizations as incomplete for the course.