Functional neurology is the discipline that evaluates brain function through a comprehensive neurological examination and identifies strategies that can be used to improve brain function. The use of brain exercises, diet, nutrition, and at times medications are used to support brain recovery. Functional Neurology Seminars provides 10 courses on topics such as neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injury, vestibular disorders, and many more.

The Functional Neurology seminars program provides courses that are 15 hours in length and include live, livestream, recorded video lectures, lecture transcripts, flow charts, diagrams, and research papers to help each learner master each topic. Registrants will be given full access to the course materials and can also go through the program at their own pace. They will be included in a private online Facebook group to communicate with faculty and other FNS registrants.

Both National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) department of postgraduate education and the International Association of Functional Neurology (IAFNR) have approved Functional Neurology Seminars (FNS) program for providing specialty education of functional neurology.

The FNS program is approved by the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR). Completion of 100 hours allows for a Certificate of Completion by IAFNR and completion of 150 hours and passing a board exam allows for the designation of Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology. Additional hours can be completed at other IBFN approved courses.

NUHS provides CEUs to DCs for select FNS modules.