Thank you for joining Functional Neurology Seminars (FNS).

The rates of brain-related disorders are alarmingly high today and steadily growing. Both conventional and alternative forms of medicine have been caught off guard and are ill equipped to effectively manage a mushrooming patient population.

Functional Neurology Seminars will teach you how brain function, which is commonly overlooked in health care today, impacts metabolic function and vice versa. You’ll learn how to assess and identify brain disorders, effective ways to address them, and how to support brain health both neurologically and metabolically.

Patient demand is crushing and most people have nowhere to turn for help these days. We applaud you for being pioneers in this new paradigm of health care so urgently needed today.

More importantly, we hope this course will give you the tools you need to perform at your peak function as a practitioner in service to the chronically ill and to continue finding passion and meaning in your work.