There are two options for attending Module TEN presented by Drs. Brandon Brock and Datis Kharrazian: ONSITE (reserved seat) in San Diego and LIVE STREAMING video at the FNS courses website. All registrants will have access to recorded replays after the live presentation. Please select the correct option below to begin the checkout process. If you would like to join IAFNR, become a member HERE.

Please note: Module Ten CE credits for DC state licenses have been approved for these attendance types only for each state listed: 

Live, Livestream Webinar, Online Recorded Replays: California, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon
Online Recorded Replays Only: Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania
Livestream Webinar and Online Recorded Replays Only: Illinois
Live and Online Recorded Replays Only: Washington
Live Only: Indiana

For state CE credit, passing exams is required for all attendance types except live. See latest updates HERE.

General Attendance Information:

On-site attendance in San Diego requires sign-in and sign-out each day to receive credit for the course. Failing to sign in and out each will require that you watch recorded replays for that day and take the exam for both days to receive credit. Educational credits may not apply for online attendance in your state. See educational info HERE.

Online live-streaming attendance requires you log in at 8 a.m. and log out at 6 p.m. each day or your ability to earn education credits may be jeopardized (rules vary from state to state). Our website records your log in and log out times. See educational info HERE.

Viewing the video content in a group setting will not give you credit for the course. To qualify for credit, you must watch the entire program on your personal computer with your registration email. Online attendance is recorded by our website. Best practice is to watch the videos in the order of presentation. FNS can only supply minimal attendance information. Please keep track of what you have watched and what you are missing for each module.

Browser update: Recommended browsers for FNS courses and exams are Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended. Please update to the newest version of your preferred web browser. If you experience unsatisfactory playback during the live streaming presentation, please change browsers.

Please note: If you register and take exams with the same email address (your username) for all modules, your password will remain the same for all modules. If you have registered for previous modules, please verify your username (email address) before registering for Module TEN. Please prevent auto-fill mistakes. If you use different emails for signup, then we hope you can keep them straight.

Important Notice: Sharing or selling content will void ALL course credits with no refund

Each FNS account (registration email) is intended for an individual user. If multiple users access your FNS account from various locations (as recorded by the website), your account will be suspended and ALL course credits will be voided without refund.

Onsite Seminar

These checkout buttons reserve a seat for you for two days, June 3-4, 2017 in San Diego for the onsite seminar, plus online access to the courses website for testing, and recorded replays. You must be an IAFNR member to use the IAFNR buttons below.

Registrants for the ONSITE seminar will be added to the onsite guest list. Please check in early for an on-time presentation of Module TEN. You must Sign-In and Sign-Out each day in the seminar room in order to get credit for Live Onsite attendance otherwise your attendance will be transferred to live-streaming and/or recorded replays. After successfully completing the online examination (when required), you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” link by email. At the end of each day, you can access the online exam at the courses website using the login info contained in the Important Login Info: FNS Module 10 email. On the courses website, you will have the option to replay the live-streaming program after the live presentation. You will have access to the course material for two years after the original live presentation. Transcripts from the audio will be added as available.

Live Streaming Video

These checkout buttons are for online access only to the live-streaming program plus testing, and recorded replays, but DO NOT reserve you a seat in San Diego. You must be an IAFNR member to use the IAFNR buttons below. (Join IAFNR HERE)

Registrants for the ONLINE seminar have the option to watch the streaming program live or at a later time through a recorded replay. At the end of the live-streaming program each day, registrants can access the online exams at the courses website using the login info contained in the Important Login Info: FNS Module 10 email. On the courses website, you will also have the option to replay the live-streaming program after the live presentation and take the exam. You will have access to the course material for two years after the original live presentation. Transcripts from the audio will be added as available. After successfully completing the online examination, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” link by email. This option is also best for long distance practitioners and students who wish to view the module at a different time of day.

IMPORTANT! Some registrants requiring educational credits via the live-streaming seminar, are required to watch the live-stream beginning at 8:00am and ending at 6:00pm each day. Our website tracks your livestream participation. Requirements vary from state-to-state.