Module TEN registration is now open. On-site seating is very limited.

IAFNR members receive $300 off per module. If you are not an IAFNR member, please join HERE.

Please note: Module Ten CE credits for DC state licenses have been approved for these attendance types only for each state listed: 

Live, Livestream Webinar, Online Recorded Replays: California, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon
Online Recorded Replays Only: Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania
Livestream Webinar and Online Recorded Replays Only: Illinois
Live and Online Recorded Replays Only: Washington
Live Only: Indiana

For state CE credit, passing exams is required for all attendance types except live. See latest updates HERE.

General Attendance Information:

On-site attendance in San Diego requires sign-in and sign-out each day to receive credit for the course. Failing to sign in and out each will require that you watch recorded replays for that day and take the exam for both days to receive credit. Educational credits may not apply for online attendance in your state. See educational info HERE.

Online live-streaming attendance requires you log in at 8 a.m. and log out at 6 p.m. each day or your ability to earn education credits may be jeopardized (rules vary from state to state). Our website records your log in and log out times. See educational info HERE.

Viewing the video content in a group setting will not give you credit for the course. To qualify for credit, you must watch the entire program on your personal computer with your registration email. Online attendance is recorded by our website. Best practice is to watch the videos in the order of presentation. FNS can only supply minimal attendance information. Please keep track of what you have watched and what you are missing for each module.

Browser update: Recommended browsers for FNS courses and exams are Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended. Please update to the newest version of your preferred web browser. Note: If you experience unsatisfactory playback during live-streaming, please try a different browser.

Please note: If you register and take exams with the same email address (your username) for all modules, your password will remain the same for all modules. If you have registered for previous modules, please verify your username (email address) before registering for Module Ten. Please prevent auto-fill mistakes. If you use different emails for signup, then we hope you can keep them straight.

Seminar date, location, and hotel details

Module TEN onsite and live-streaming seminar will be presented June 3-4, 2017. The seminar location and hotel details are HERE.

Whitelist our email address

You MUST add OUR EMAIL to your email address contacts so our emails do not go to your spam folder.

Registration form and media release

Attendees of the onsite seminar will be required to sign a media release (via a check box on the checkout form) that gives Functional Neurology Seminars the right to include you in any photography or videos.**

All fields are required in the checkout forms unless marked “optional.” For practitioners outside the USA, please use “state not listed” in the dropdown menu, and when license information is not available, please explain in the appropriate field. For streaming registrants in Switzerland or Norway, please request a special checkout form HERE if you have difficulty processing the payment.

Before registering, please read the login Info below the red and blue registration buttons on this page.

Important Notice:
Sharing or selling content will void ALL course credits with no refund

Each FNS account (registration email) is intended for an individual user. If multiple users access your FNS account from various locations (as recorded by the website), your account will be suspended and ALL course credits will be voided without refund.

After registering, please check your email, including your junk or spam folder, for an invoice and a Important Login Info: FNS Module 10 email. This email contains your login information for the course website and verifies your registration was successful. 

Please Log in right away! Do NOT wait until the day of the seminar!

After you receive your Important Login Info: FNS Module 10… email:

  • Log in IMMEDIATELY! 
  • SAVE your log in information where you know you can find it!
  • BOOKMARK the course website, preferably to your toolbar!
  • Request to JOIN the Facebook group!
  • TEST the live streaming video on the course website!
  • This applies to both onsite and live streaming registrants!

You need to log in to the course website immediately to verify your user name and password are active, and that the test live streaming video is playing correctly. To avoid log in problems with some passwords containing questionable characters, please copy and paste your password into the log in form.

If you want to successfully complete this program, please develop the neuroplasticity to master the online portion of it!

Otherwise you may miss the boat for CE credits for your state and important information; the support team will not be able to help you at the last minute. 

WARNING! The day of the live streaming event is the wrong time to troubleshoot login issues or video/audio playback as technical support will be limited at that time.

For additional information and cancellation/refund policy, please check the FAQs HERE.

**See the media release HERE.