Functional Neurology Seminars will be limited to Modules 1–10. Please read to the end of this announcement to learn how you can continue your functional neurology education and certification.

Modules 1-10 represent 150 hours of functional neurology education that starts with clinical neuroanatomy pathways and ends with the peripheral and central nervous system physical examination and treatment applications. Through modules 1–10 we have covered all the regions of the cerebral cortex, sub-cortical regions, the basal ganglia direct and indirect regions, the central and peripheral vestibular system, the peripheral nervous system, the spinal cord, the brainstem, and all of the major vasculature to the brain. Basically, we have covered all of the fundamentals necessary to evaluate the nervous system and to develop an integrated treatment protocol.

The FNS program is an approved program by the post-graduate department of the National University of Health Sciences and the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR). Completion of this program at 150 hours fits the requirements for multidisciplinary Fellowship examination by the International Board of Functional Neurology (IBFN). The executive director of the IBFN is Gianna Norini, PhD. The IBFN is working diligently to provide a standardized test for both functional neurology and for the childhood development specialty program that will lead to certification as Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology (FIBFN) and/or certification as Fellow of the International Board of Childhood Disorders (FIBCDD). More details will be sent to everyone as the examination further develops.

Functional Neurology Seminars program (Modules 1–10) will continue to be available online for anyone to take the program and learn the fundamentals of functional neurology at their own pace from any location in the world. The FNS program will continue to serve as way to generate new membership for IAFNR and to keep student registration as affordable as possible.

Specialized modules and  clinical workshops will continue to be developed by Dr. Kharrazian, Dr. Brock, Dr. Mellilo, Dr. Humphreys and by other member of the IAFNR community  but they will be independent of the core Module 1–10 program of Functional Neurology Seminars.

Dr. Kharrazian has developed a 10-Course Kharrazian Institute Program that started in 2019 to augment the Functional Neurology Seminars Module 1-10.

Kharrazian Institute