Updated 2016 Dates for San Diego, California

February 27–28, 2016: Functional Neurology Anatomy and Central Neurological Pathways – 15 hours
April 16–17, 2016: The Initial Clinical Survey and How to Identify the Lesion Before the Examination – 15 hours
May 14–15: Identification of the Most Common Neurodegenerative Diseases with Clinical Applications – 15 hours
June 25–26: Peripheral Vestibular Disorder and Cerebellum Disorders with Applications – 15 hours
September 17–18: Central Vestibular Disorders and Cerebellum Disorders with Applications – 15 hours
October 22–23: Neurology Eye Movements for Diagnosis and Treatment Applications – 15 hours
December 3–4: Basal Ganglia and Hypokinetic Disorders with Applications – 15 hours
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